WNY Independent Insurance Agents

Officers & Directors


President Kathleen A. Rapasadi, CIC, CPIA, CISR
Tompkins Insurance Agencies, Inc
585-344-2713 X43032 Click Here
Vice President Ashley Engl
Lawley Insurance
716-849-4357 Click Here
Treasurer Rob Glenn
Lawley Service, Inc.
716-849-1591 Click Here
Chairman of the Board Tamara Storch, ACSR, AINS
The Evans Agency
716-926-2040 X4798 Click Here
Director 2015-2019 Mark O’Brien
Lawley Service, Inc.
716-849-1504 Click Here
Director 2016-2019 Theresa Crisp
Walsh Duffield Companies
716-362-7387 Click Here
Director 2016-2019 Megan Spiegelhoff
Walsh Duffield Companies
716-362-7307 Click Here
Director 2017-2020 Doug Benz
New Buffalo Insurance Agency
 716-332-1570 Click Here
Director 2017-2020 Doreen DeCarlo
Kemper Personal & Commercial Lines
716-796-4145 Click Here
Director 2018-2021 Christopher Ryan
The Hartford
716-308-4239 Click Here
Director 2018-2021 Russell Rizzuto
Philadelphia Insurance Inc.
716-541-9562 Click Here
Executive Director Jeanne E Hellert 716-207-3886 Click Here