WNY Independent Insurance Agents

About Us

The Independent Insurance Agents’ Association of Western New York, Inc. d/b/a BIG I WNY is considered to be the second oldest organization of insurance agents in the United States, second only to its counterpart in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1841, a group of local agents in Buffalo began meeting for discussion of their common problems in dealing with their companies and with the public.

BIG I WNY is affiliated with both the Big I NY and the Independent Insurance Agents of America (IIAA).

Unlike company-employed agents, IIAA members represent more than one insurance company, so they can offer their clients a wider choice of auto, home, business, life and health insurance products.

IIAA members not only advise clients about insurance, they recommend loss prevention ideas that can cut costs. If a loss occurs, the independent agent stands with the client until the claim is settled.

Our member agents are the link between consumers and insurance companies and providers. They assist everyone – from the individual motorist or homeowner to the small, medium and large employers, their employees and the self-employed – by helping them identify the insurance plans that best meet their needs. Our agents educate their client about insurance benefits and serve as consumer advocates in helping clients deal with insurance carriers.

Our members also work in your communities as volunteers in a variety of capacities. We raise money for good causes. We serve on many community service boards. Sometimes, we work individually. Sometimes, we work in tandem, banding together into local associations that provide forums for legislators, local leaders, insurance speakers and networking opportunities.

Along with membership in the Independent Insurance Agents of America and the Big I NY, local membership connotes professionalism, community involvement and a clear commitment to clients.